AWG Innovation showcase

Associated Wholesale Grocers

AWG, or Associated Wholesale Grocers, is the United State’s largest cooperative food wholesaler for independently owned supermarkets and grocery stores. It serves more than 4,000 locations, 36 states and 8 wholesale warehouses. AWG dates to 1924 when a group of independently owned grocers met to discuss merging their advertising as well as buying wholesale. Locally owned stores were struggling at the time, so this was a way to gain market strength to compete with the bigger stores. The group of stores purchase items collectively and stored them in one location in Kansas City, MO. Two short years later the first official warehouse was opened, and the company continued to grow, including opening a warehouse in Springfield in the 1960’s and by the 1980’s had opened their 3rd wholesale division. Fast-forward over the rest of the 20th century into the 2000’s, AWG continued to acquire new stores and distribution centers brining their latest one in 2023 in Hernando, MS. The all-in-one distribution hub occupies 124 acres, or almost one million square feet of floor space and is over 80 feet tall throughout.

Innovation Showcase 2023

Eco Solutions was proud to be invited to this years, Innovation Showcase, located at the corporate offices of AWG in Kansas City, MO. The showcase is an opportunity to explore innovative and game-changing products, services, and solutions to enhance the customer experience for grocer options. Brands and products from all over the United States, ranging from laundry soap, to avocados, to roast beef sandwiches and more were able to attend and share their ideas with grocery store owners, vendors, and potential partners. A variety of classes were also offered for participants ranging from warehouse technology, optimized driving assortments, labor saving initiatives, and even shopping habits of specific demographics.

John Foley

We had the pleasure to listen to John Foley speak at the innovation showcase. John, the former lead solo pilot for the Blue Angles, travels the United States delivering passionate talks to foster a gratitude mindset. He has a contagious attitude of thankfulness and strives to focus on the power of teamwork, trust, and being the best, you can be. John worked behind the scenes for the 2022 film “Top Gun: Maverick”, helping actor Tom Cruise understand the true feeling of being in the jets to help with his role. After his presentation John was able to talk to participants at the conference and the Eco Solutions team even got a picture! For more info on John, click here!

March 20, 2023