Recycling Management

Each of our client’s industries are different and require different attention and focus to meet their specific sustainability goals and needs. Eco Solutions works directly with our partners to implement a recycling management program that fits their business and needs. Many everyday items are made from recyclable commodities such as fiber, cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass. No matter what industry you fall under, Eco Solutions can find ways to recycle unused materials. Our clients have total access to our customized and sophisticated client portal that will produce real-time environmental impact reports and keep the client up to date on the status of materials processed and volume diverted.

Recycling & Reuse

Once the industrial recycling management program has been implemented for the company, the process begins. These programs may require processing equipment, and storage trailers, which Eco Solutions provides. A grocery or retail store might have bales of cardboard that could be recycled. Eco Solutions contracts drivers to pick the bales up and take them to a recycling facility where they are recycled or processed for reuse. The company has now avoided sending the cardboard to landfill and has reduced overall cost.

Find Out More

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