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Brent Cox

Owner & CEO

As answered by their team members:

Fictional character Brent is most like: Ron Swanson, from Parks and Recreation 

His team says he is most likely to look focused all the time 

More about Brent Cox

After working in sales and marketing for years, Brent founded Eco Solutions in 2014 right from his home with his wife Stephanie. His passion for starting Eco Solutions comes from a lifelong goal to start his own business, and one that incorporated his love for the environment and conservation. As the President of Eco Solutions, Brent has a strong moral compass and prioritizes ethical practices throughout his business and has a strong understanding of the ever-changing market. He loves his family, conservation, and anything outdoors. If Brent were to describe his perfect day, it would be spending the day hunting or fishing.

Team > Brent Cox